“My dummy”: Nadezhda Mikhalkova was brutally hazed sister

"Моя кикимора": Надежда Михалкова жестоко подшутила над сестрой

Fans appreciated the sense of humor of the actress.

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Between sisters Mikhalkov never had any serious conflicts. But today on his page on “Instagram” the younger of them has posted a publication that alerted fans of celebrities.

Actress Nadezhda Mikhalkova has published a photograph of her sister Anna. The girl looks not quite normal: there are no makeup, hair not styled and the bangs and did a bit wired.

“I’ll Wake you up in the city of Kimry, my Kikimora”, signed post Hope (spelling and punctuation here and then saved).

And someone even asked, are there any conflicts between the sisters: “you Have always had a good relationship? You were a kid? Look at you – and rejoice as it’s easier that you have each other.”

We will remind: recently fans of Anna Mikhalkova noticed that the daughter of the famous Director lost a lot of weight and has changed markedly. Fans did not appreciate the new image of the star.