My Friend Pedro – game from an independent Studio that you will like

My Friend Pedro - игра от независимой студии, которая вам понравится

Now a good time to become an independent developer that creates games for Nintendo Switch. And it’s not just words on the wind, one example of a successful project from an independent developer is a game My Friend Pedro.

My Friend Pedro from DeadToast Entertainment is one of the most stylish and aesthetically challenging games that have to Switch. Even despite the fact that indie game for $20, must be completed for only a maximum of 10 hours, it is really addictive. It is reported by the Informant Tech, citing The Verge.

The basic idea is simple, especially if you have ever played Hotline Miami, or in any similar games. You’re a killer in a mask with a penchant for justice. In the end, the game is so addictive that you simply become obsessive in the pursuit of points and of course the highest awards at each of the forty levels.

In My Friend Pedro, you slow down time to make shots more accurate and makes you invulnerable. It looks incredibly cool.

From My Friend Pedro has a few really impressive features that set it apart from standard games. First, there is a unique, if rather convoluted set of aerial maneuvers that you can perform to earn more points and look even cooler while you clean the world from bad guys. These include revolutions in the air, which are carried out in slow-mo, turning the walls with the regime of simultaneous shooting in two directions and rotation during landing.

Other bonuses are the topics of the environment and the vehicle, which overturned the standard formula for such games. For example, My Friend Pedro, you can throw the pan in the air, and shoot it, killing the enemy through the ricochet.

Generally speaking, My Friend Pedro is an endless fight, parkour and slow-mo, there’s no super-deep plot, but there are mechanics that touches the soul.

From My Friend Pedro steep line training for players seeking to test their strength on the higher difficulties, which is necessary for those who shoot with high scores in the leaderboards.

You can reach the level of A and even S on a normal level, but you’ll have to switch to bananas to gain extra points up to 10 best players.

However, the game never fully conveys the basic concepts – for example, the fact that enemy bullets will significantly reduce the time required to continue combo chains or combination of chains require you more time when you are fighting off the last enemy.

Chain every enemy in one combo becomes much harder in the later stages, so I couldn’t come close to the top ten at these levels.

However, magic is so damn simple games like My Friend Pedro, is to attract you with its striking appearance and keep you with the exclusive mechanics. Just be prepared to retry many fights “on repeat”.

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