Mykola Katerynchuk: the government will vote the dead

Николай Катеринчук: За власть будут голосовать мертвые

The headquarters of the candidate in presidents of Ukraine Anatoly Gritsenko said about the planned falsification of the current government in the elections.

At the briefing held on 23 January, Deputy head of the Central election headquarters of the candidate Mykola Katerynchuk told about what fraud Bankova prepares for the victory of the incumbent President.

“In September last year we reported that local authorities have received from the Administration Poroshenko secret instructions to generate lists of constituents so that they were at least 4% of the dead souls, that is, the dead citizens. This is done so that the dead voted in the second round for Poroshenko,” – said Katerynchuk.

According to the speaker, the government is preparing to use the electoral list 2015.

As at 31 December 2018, the total number of citizens having the right to vote is 35 602 855 people. That is 4% of this amount will be – 1 424 114 voters. That’s the number of additional votes can get a candidate Petro Poroshenko.

To prevent fraud Commissioner candidate Grytsenko, Ruslan Chernolutsky appealed to the CEC with the application to provide a certified digital signature to the electronic copy of the database of the State register of voters.

“It is provided by part 9 of article 31 law of Ukraine “On elections of President of Ukraine”. However, the CEC has unreasonably refused to provide us with access lists, we are unable to verify the number of voters. In its refusal, the electoral Commission refers to the questionable changes in its Resolution No. 74 preclude access of the candidate to the database, – said Ruslan Chernolutsky.

In this regard, the lawyers of Anatoly Gritsenko intend to appeal against actions of the CEC in court. Also Mykola Katerynchuk has reminded that the similar situation already was in 2004.

Then the opposition managed to achieve justice and prevent fraud.

“We appeal to all presidential candidates, their staffs and parliamentary factions to join us in the fight for fair elections. The illegal actions of the CEC shall be immediately terminated”, – summed up the MP.

Николай Катеринчук: За власть будут голосовать мертвые

Николай Катеринчук: За власть будут голосовать мертвые