Mysterious object found in the Gobi desert

It found Blake and Brett Cuzens with the help of Google Earth.

Загадочный объект обнаружили в пустыне Гоби

A mysterious technical facility is located in the Gobi desert in Northern China. Video visible on the strange runway. On these bands there are geometric shapes. It appears that these runways have never been used.

Загадочный объект обнаружили в пустыне Гоби

Blake and Brett think you have discovered someone’s secret space program or research station. And maybe, say the discoverers, the object is associated with UFOs. Google Earth has no information about this object.

When the object is approaching the video that on earth, there are planes.

Tens of thousands of users struggling to understand the purpose of this mysterious huge object. In addition to the UFOs, and available sites for calibration of equipment orbital satellites may be military reconnaissance.

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