Mystery suitor filled the grave of Soviet actor flowers

Таинственный поклонник засыпал могилу советского актера цветами

The cemetery to the people’s artist come even after 12 years after death.

Mikhail Pugovkin was not in 2008, but the memory of the famous actor and the participant of the great Patriotic war still lives. On the eve of the anniversary of the funeral of people’s artist – July 29 – there were pictures of his grave. Fans left flowers at the monument of a movie star.

Actor from “12 chairs” and “Wedding in Malinovka” was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery along with other prominent Russians close friend Alexander Abdulov. Though the place is considered prestigious, the journalists noticed that the flowers still rare.

We will remind that Mikhail Pugovkin, who also played in the movie “Operation “y” and other adventures Shurik”, “Ivan Vasilyevich changes occupation”, has died 12 years ago on 86 year of life. People’s artist suffered from diabetes. After the death of the actor his only daughter was left without an inheritance.