Myth Buster drove the robot Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics is often reminisces about the ability of robots Spot to penetrate in dangerous locations. The robot is able to check gas leak or other hazardous materials. But the former myth Buster Adam savage decided to test the work in a slightly different direction.

Recently, savage got robots Spot testing throughout the year. He protested it in the area where was not demolished another myth. Team savage has already planned a series of tests for the creation of Boston Dynamics, so a year for robots will not be easy.

Host of the popular show continues to test the robot Spot. Test results can be found on the youtube channel of Adam.

A new test robot Spot

Bad robot overcomes various obstacles, climbs and bumps and we demonstrated it repeatedly. At this time, savage decided to combine two passions and use not such a common test.

Adam said that he wanted to ride on roosebeke, but he is not suited for travel on horseback, because savage has harnessed the robot in the rickshaw. Was Spot performs such work.

New test robopi Spot from Mythbusters

For five days the inventor has designed an excellent model of a rickshaw, adapted to Spot could surely pull it.

By the way, a special platform provided by designers allows you to assign the robot different extensions. This platform and used savage in order to accommodate the work by pulling rickshaws.

And although Spot has perfectly coped with the task, the technician noted that such a result is possible only on a flat surface. To pull such goods downhill the robot can’t, because it’s not made for this. Technician, noted that the Spot does not “understand” that he pulls attached to the load. This means that the software is not possible to change the operating mode of robots and it works less efficiently.

After amending the algorithm Spot significantly changed the mode of operation and could adapt to more efficient execution of the task. He “sensed” the load and “understood” when they need to increase speed while climbing up.

In the future will be available to flexible setting work that will help him effectively to perform the tasks and understand which side it is attached to the load and what is he to do with it.

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