Myth Buster tested the ability of robots Boston Dynamics

In September last year, the company Boston Dynamics has started to take orders for the robotic dog Spot. It has already tested in the American police, and soon the range of possibilities the work will be much wider. The manufacturer announced the release of open access Toolkit for developers (SDK). The ability of robots experienced the famous destroyer of myths.

Now anyone can download the SDK for the Spot from the repository on GitHub. This allows developers to create applications to interact with the robot and thereby to teach him new opportunities. However, they still need to join the early access program to rent work, Engadget notes.

As an example, Boston Dynamics has invited the company HoloBuilders that used the SDK to teach Spot to get around the construction site, shooting 360-degree video and sending it to a special application.

Promotional video of robots Spot:

Testing of robots Spot

Experience Spot managed and former lead of the popular TV show “Mythbusters” Adam Savidge. He published a video in which directs the robot demonstrates its capabilities.

Adam savage tests the Spot:

The presenter plans to spend roboptim a year, testing it in all possible ways with my team.

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