Myths about air conditioning in cars: what you need to know the drivers

Мифы о кондиционерах в автомобилях: что нужно знать водителям

Experts have refuted a number of myths about the use of air conditioners in cars. It is reported portal of Your Car.

It is important to note that air conditioning is needed not only in the heat of summer. The main function of the air conditioner is cooling the cabin, but it will also help to dry the air and prevent fogging of the glass. It is recommended to include it at least once a month even in the winter, as this will allow the oil circulating in the system together with the refrigerant to get to the seals and gaskets, preventing them from drying.

The myth is that air always increases fuel consumption. The load on the engine is really growing, and consumption is increased, but the nuance is different. The driver, who turns off the air conditioning and open Windows in pursuit of fuel savings may not be aware that this increases the drain to 20%, and if you go with the included air conditioning and closed Windows, the figure is about 10%.

Interestingly, some drivers believe that during operation of the air conditioner used freon. However, the air conditioning system is always sealed, and freon is not a consumable or fuel. If the system is not damaged and sealed, the loss of freon should not be.

Do not forget about the cleansing of the condenser and the antiseptic treatment of the evaporator, which eliminates harmful bacteria.

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