Myths about dogs that are long overdue to debunk

Мифы о собаках, которые давно пора было развенчать

My favorite pet is a big responsibility, because it requires some care. It concerns not only exotic animals but also the usual dogs or cats. If you want your pet always healthy and happy, you must follow certain rules. And among them there are many misconceptions.

We decided to collect the most common myths about dogs that will help new dog lovers to properly care for a pet and learn to understand it. Instead, he will always be ready to offer your love and devotion.

Raw meat is the best food

Some still believe that the best food for dogs raw meat, because its closest relative, the wolf still eats. But over the years, dogs have assimilated, and now the meat does not meet their needs number of essential vitamins and nutrients. And in addition, raw meat can be parasites and other harmful microorganisms.

Old dog new tricks can’t teach

Professionals believe that dogs need to train constantly, regardless of their age. Of course, the older the dog becomes, the more difficult, but possible. It is believed that for teaching old dogs are best suited clicker.


For centuries it was believed that no dog better treats than a bone. This misconception is so popular that even enshrined in popular culture. However, the stone may bring much more harm than good, for example, a dog can damage the esophagus sharp shards. It is better to buy something nice for your pet at a pet store.

To lick their wounds

Many still believe that dogs should be allowed to lick human wounds, supposedly it helps them heal. In fact, it is difficult even to imagine what kind of bacteria a dog can bring you through the wound. Toothpaste they use, eat from the earth, and lick themselves. It’s better not to risk it.


It is believed that all dogs are excellent swimmers and generally love this. This is partly true, of course, but many species are very difficult to keep yourself above the water surface, for example, bulldogs. And various small breed dogs much more prone to hypothermia, therefore place them in the water is care.


In the summer many breeders shear their animals to prevent them from overheating, but the dogs themselves know how to cope with regulators. To do this, they have an undercoat that becomes thicker in winter, and by the summer changes its structure. Cutting will break the structure of the wool, and the dog will be a big problem.


Many dog owners believe that their pet’s vaccinations are not necessary, because it is not in contact with other animals. Of course, all dog vaccinations not necessary, but there are key, such as rabies or enteritis, since there is always the risk of catching these diseases. The conditions are different, therefore it is better to consult a veterinarian.