NABU deliberately drawn into the conflict and hysteria: Sytnik told about the effectiveness of their work – 24 Channel

НАБУ навмисно втягують в конфлікти та істерії: Ситник розповів про ефективність своєї роботи - 24 Канал

Loud stories that are taking place between the NABOO and the GPU is like a war: “one of our – we’ll take your three”. However, in poruna with GPU NABU works only 200 detektiv.

This was a live channel 24 said Artem Sytnik.

“It’s very frustrating, because it wants to make revenge to me personally, and for that stradaut journalists and detective. They (the detectives “24”) doing their job, how can do, within the law,” – said Sytnik.

He assured that the NEB came the young guys who want to change the government and they get it. These investigations are associated with a lot of pressure, but we are ready to move on. Three years were years of hard work.

Regardless of the decisions of the attorney General, I will do so, NABOO preserved and we have completed this reform. We do his work in spite of their statements and the disruption of our operations. We have, we share things – that’s why we created the GPU with its capabilities not dealt with
the Director said NABOO.

According to him, with every new case the degree of opposition of ROS is their involvement, apolitical body, in a historical discussion. The only way out is to just do your job according to the law

“Everything is being done in the country in order to sabotage antikorupcinio reform. NABU spiters with GPU is not necessary, and in Sapa, there are people who for a few months doing only personal vengeance.Although all known works is the joint work with them. There is the prosecutors with whom you can cooperate,” saponin Sytnik.

We will remind, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine opened a case against the head of the Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine Artem Sytnik in November 2017. Sytnik suspect in the disclosure of information constituting a state secret, and the secrecy of the investigation.

On Tuesday, September 4, it became known that the court gave the attorney access to the information from the phone of the journalist of the program of anti-corruption investigations “Scheme” Natalie sedletska, who appears as a witness on the case. Because of this scandal broke. Later, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko refused to publicly comment on this issue.

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