NACP is already 16 of December can get a new head: the most interesting from the interviews with the candidates

НАПК уже 16 декабря может получить нового главу: самое интересное из собеседований с кандидатами

During 13-14 December, the competition Commission held a stage of interviews with probable candidates for the President of the National Agency for prevention of corruption. At this stage, the candidates in conversation had proved themselves worthy to lead the NACP.

The name of the new head of the Agency may be called on Monday, December 16, according to Transparency International Ukraine.

At this point, the test passed immediately 8 candidates:

  • Nicholas Patin – Deputy head of internal control Department of NABOO:

    During the interview, he noted that the most important thing for him is the team. He proposed the creation of NACP, internal control and corruption prevention;

  • Dmytro Bulakh – Chairman of the NGO “Kharkov anti-corruption center”:

    He is convinced that one of the key issues in the NACP have the trust of the public. Therefore, offers to demonstrate open activities of the national Agency, so that everyone had access to the premises and employees;

  • Yuri Kravchenko – Director of the Kharkiv territorial NABOO:

    He was able to call people whom took his deputies. In addition, assured that in the NACP are working not only to poor people;

  • Alexander Novikov – the Prosecutor of Department of supervision of observance of laws of GPU:

    According to him, this work he needed to prove that anti-corruption institutions can operate;

  • Alexander chair – head of the Third Department detectives NABOO:

    Assured that he is ready in 4 years to improve the corruption perception index to 50-55 points. In this he needs help of people, automated system checks of declarations, high-quality anti-corruption strategy and work with the financing of political parties;

  • Ivan Presnyakov – anti-corruption expert program to promote social activity “Join us!”:

    Assured that he is ready to listen to what he says the party in power. He also added that it plans to develop a system of communication with stakeholders and quality of the press service of the Agency;

  • Nikolay havronyuk – Professor of criminal and criminal procedural law at the Kyiv Mohyla Academy:

    Expressed the desire to start the work of analytical units in the NACP. In his opinion, they should focus on the plaintiffs and the authorized persons of the ministries. In addition, he would like the Agency were experts from different fields responsible for the fight against corruption in them;

  • Roman Osipchuk , head of internal control Department of NABOO:

    He spoke about the importance of adopting open and transparent procedures for lobbying. They say, such lobbying will still be, so it’s best to have this done by the rules.

What is known about previous leaders NACP? The national Agency for preventing corruption was created in 2015. Its first head was Natalia Korchak. Subsequently, the Agency was headed by Vladislav Mangul.

At different times members of the NACP was also the current attorney General Ruslan riaboshapka and the chief military Prosecutor Viktor Chumak.

НАПК уже 16 декабря может получить нового главу: самое интересное из собеседований с кандидатами