Nadia Dorofeeva complained to the third theft of Luggage at the airport

Надя Дорофеева пожаловалась на третью кражу багажа в аэропорту

Ukrainian singer and member of the group “Time and Glass”, he told his fans about the incident. According to her, for the third time this month she disappears Luggage during flights. Last time this happened was on the way to Odessa.

Actress Nadia Dorofeeva said that during the flight from Turkey to Ukraine, she Positive (Alexey zavgorodnego) lost Luggage with their stage costumes, she said in her Instagram.

But despite the stressful and seemingly hopeless situation, helped her find everything you need for performance at the Odessa showrooms.

So, for the third time in a month did not come the suitcase? This time we were in Odessa on the Evening quarter and time was so little to find something. But the hospitable Odessa – no wonder I love you so much,
– said the star.

Did they find her Luggage this time and returned her things in the previous two cases, the singer is not recognized.

It should be added that such cases in Ukrainian stars happen repeatedly. The controversial artist MARUV, which often tours in Russia, has twice stated the thefts, which occurred during flights or in the airports.