Nadiya Savchenko and Vladimir Ruban was released in the courtroom

Надежду Савченко и Владимира Рубана освободили в зале суда

Nadiya Savchenko and Vladimir Ruban was released in the courtroom. Their support group has welcomed the statement of the court in Brovary with loud applause.

The court explained that it had taken such a decision, as the term of a measure of restraint expired at midnight, April 15, and the new one was not elected. Prosecutors did not provide the new petition, so the court made the decision.

“I showed you how freedom must be fought. I wish everyone convicted unfairly freedom. I don’t break rules, I don’t run the country, as guaranteed by the prosecutors. I’m not running away from Ukraine because I’m the Hero of Ukraine. And for me, Ukraine is not an empty word. I will fight for Ukraine,” – said Savchenko, reports the New time.

Nadezhda Savchenko is charged with interaction with the leaders of the militants “L/DNR”, an agreement with the head of the Center for the release of prisoners “Officer corps” Vladimir Ruban and the preparation of a terrorist act in the Parliament. Its purpose, according to the Prosecutor General’s office, was the physical destruction of the state leadership and the seizure of power.

Vladimir Ruban was arrested March 8, 2018 at KPVV Maori with an Arsenal of weapons. He is suspected of illegal handling of weapons and training of terrorist attacks.

The trial ended with a judgement about subodhini suspects from custody, but it is only the next stage. At the next meeting, scheduled for 7 may, will be determined following the measure of restraint for Ruban and Savchenko, until then they will be released.