“Naftogaz of Ukraine” needs to reduce the price of gas for the population by nearly UAH – the government

"Нафтогаз" должен снизить цену на газ для населения еще почти на гривню - правительство

“Naftogaz of Ukraine” pursuant to the government resolution should reduce some of them in June of 2019 the price of gas for the population in 6299 UAH per 1,000 cubic meters at 800-900 UAH.

This was stated by Vice-Premier Vladimir Kistion, the press service of the government.

“The government has also established an interdepartmental group to check the formula for pricing gas from “Naftogaz”… Will explore, together with the deputies of the actual costs of Naftogaz for natural gas for the needs of the population”, – said Deputy Prime Minister.

Question recalled that in connection with the emerging spring in Europe, the decline in gas prices, the government has worked out a solution supported by the International monetary Fund, and has obliged “Naftogaz” to sell and people gas is cheaper.

“Monopoly instead… to reduce the price, without any economic argument that contradicts the current market trend is bearish, raised prices for the industry. This was the reason for the increase in gas prices in June for the population”, – wrote Deputy Prime Minister.

He noted that the new decision of the Cabinet makes it impossible speculation of “Naftogaz” with the price of gas, and since June, the NAC is obliged to sell gas for the population at a price that is the lowest one of the four sites.

As explained Question, the first of them – economic development: the average customs cost of imported gas is expected in may, is 5600-5700 UAH per 1000 cubic meters without VAT, the second – Ukrainian energy exchange, where the gas for June were sold at a price 5554 UAH per 1000 cubic meters.

The third indicator – Naftogaz: gas for industry prepaid price for June was set at 5804 UAH per 1000 cubic meters, the fourth – the price of PSO (supply spacemastertm): June is calculated as 7185 UAH per 1000 cubic meters.