“Naftogaz” said that means the US Senate bill on sanctions against Nord stream 2

"Нафтогаз" прокомментировал, что означает законопроект Сената США о санкциях против Nord stream 2

“Naftogaz” Russian calls pipeline a threat to Europe and is going to continue to oppose its construction

National joint stock company “Naftogaz of Ukraine” commented on made in the United States Senate a bill which proposed to extend sanctions against the Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream 2”. “Naftogaz” explained why the adoption of this document is important.

We are talking about a legislative initiative of the senators (Ted Cruz, Gina Shagin, Ron Johnson, John Barrasso and Tom cotton), which makes more stringent the sanctions adopted against this project in 2019. The document is called “About protection of the European energy security” – PEESA: Protecting the Europe’s Energy Security Act.

To expand sanctions senators persuaded by the arguments of the Ukrainian “Naftogaz”, which was able to explain how Russia can independently complete the construction of this pipeline even in the face of existing sanctions. In particular, Russia may use the pipe-laying vessel “Akademik Chersky” and “fortune”.

The bill will help “stop the construction of the Russian pipeline threat for Europe”.

“Naftogaz” will continue raising campaign in the United States and the EU aiming at the protection of Ukrainian, European and transatlantic interests in the security sphere,” added the company.

The new bill provides for penalties against:

1. companies that are involved in any “pipe laying works”, including those who prepare the site for the works, equip the trench, exploring the bottom, and weld down pipe, covered the trench.

2. companies providing services in insurance risk analysis, insurance and reinsurance” pipe-lay vessels.

3. companies that contribute to technological modernization of pipe-lay vessels, setting them on welding equipment.

4. companies that provide services of testing, inspection or certification necessary for the operation of the pipeline “Nord stream 2”.

"Нафтогаз" прокомментировал, что означает законопроект Сената США о санкциях против Nord stream 2