“Name The Heroes Cyborgs.” Irina Gerashchenko came up with the name for the airport of Donetsk

"Имени Героев Киборгов". Ирина Геращенко придумала название для аэропорта Донецка

After the Russian occupation and the return of individual regions of Donetsk and Luhansk regions under Ukrainian control Donetsk airport after recovery needs to be named in honor of the “Heroes cyborgs.” About this in Facebook wrote the first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko.

“Remember today Cyborgs. This is the right day to write about them, tell the children to venerate their memory, and wish courage and strength to their parents, who now live in memory. And continue to work for the liberation of Donbass and Crimea, victory, peace, but not at the cost of surrender and not on the Kremlin’s terms.

World – for the victory and the restoration of our territorial integrity and sovereignty. In Donetsk airport will be named Heroes Cyborgs. Will,” wrote the Vice-speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament.

She added that “when you realize who killed a Russian, what wonderful young people, real and Patriotic, which brought grief to thousands of families and the country – very difficult to forgive.”

Attempts to capture the airport intensified after the signing of the Minsk agreements. And did not end until January. Fighting for the Donetsk airport lasted for 242 days. 20 January 2015, militants blew up the new terminal WCT, finally turning once one of the most famous airports of the country in ruins. Defenders of the airport for the courage and perseverance became known as “cyborgs”.

"Имени Героев Киборгов". Ирина Геращенко придумала название для аэропорта Донецка