Named 10 mechanisms in the machine that can freeze

Названы 10 механизмов в машине, которые могут замерзнуть

Experts told which nodes and parts of the car in the cold can lose the usual mobility, adding to the car owner the hassle.

Modern car owners almost never use the door locks, but the design of the car lacks the moving items in the winter in the high risk area. For example, the frozen door handles can simply not come off and the drawers stick so that not to hold on. Most often, the mechanisms of “grabs” after washing and overnight anchorage, so we need to remind cleaners to thoroughly dry all removable parts.

The next obstacle – the rubber seals of all doors (including trunk), which is also recommended to wipe after each winter washing and treated regularly with silicone grease. You also need to lubricate the door locks as frequently actuating opening, they can’t close properly, especially in the car of venerable age. Gum wiper frost freeze winter almost through the day, so will either have to wait for the gum to thaw naturally, from heated glass or the stove, or you can bend the leads from the glass.

After a long Parking cost hands to check on the flexibility mechanism of the mirrors, electrically foldable, because many car electrician works with the closing-opening the Central locking, and gear they are usually plastic and flimsy.

Melting drops with side Windows often drain into the mechanisms out of reach, so to prevent combustion motor of the power window when you try using it, some depending on the design it is sufficient to remove the ice scraper with the bottom edge of the glass, and some have to wait 20-30 minutes for it to defrost.

Next, got to the car, the review provided – start. If in the evening the car is washed, water is likely to remain on the brake mechanisms, they will inevitably freeze and then dry and scrub will be useless. The main recommendation is not to use the handbrake to not have to act in a barbaric way, tearing the frozen wheel on the go.

Sliding out of the nozzle of the headlamp washer does not freeze, and can’t get through the adhering layer of frozen reagents. As they move under the action of water pressure, output is locked the mechanism out of action is unlikely to succeed, however, there is a risk to stay with dull headlights.

Some models of cars can meet winter and other “diseases” that are specific to certain design features. In particular, after driving in deep snow on the Peugeot 407 and Citroen C5 snow clogged in the switching mechanism of the manual transmission, and can “grab” the fan in front of radiator.