Named 7 available products that can help to stabilize blood sugar levels

Названы 7 доступных продуктов, помогающих стабилизировать уровень сахара в крови

People with problems of diabetes and pre-diabetes, experts advise to include these foods in your diet, since their use is effectively helps to stabilize blood sugar levels.

As reported elevated blood sugar is a factor in many pathological changes in the body, which is very dangerous in terms of pandemic coronavirus. Today’s reality is that visits to doctors, visits to health facilities impossible in free mode, therefore, particularly important to observe measures to maintain health, to protect themselves from its deterioration.

One such measure is a healthy diet, specifically eating foods that help stabilize blood sugar levels, writes The Health Site. It experts have called 7 available products, well cope with this task.

Oatmeal. Oats improves insulin sensitivity, supports glycemic control. Porridge oats for Breakfast is one way to normalize the level of glucose in the blood. Important condition: it should be prepared long enough, quickly razvivayuschiesya flakes will not work.

Eggs. They do not contain carbohydrates and therefore do not increase the sugar level in the blood. In their structure – quality protein needed by the body for cell regeneration, reliable immune protection, support muscle tissue.

Legumes. One of the best available products that help to stabilize blood sugar levels. This effect is provided by an integrated fiber, complex carbohydrates and protein.

Garlic. Has properties to lower blood sugar due to specific substance allicin.

Oranges. Despite the sweet taste, low in carbohydrates, contributing to the rise of glucose. In addition, contain soluble fiber that helps stabilize sugar levels, reduce the concentration of cholesterol.

Pear. They are sometimes called a medicine for diabetics because fruits are rich in fiber, improving the mechanisms of regulation of blood sugar. The use of pears increases the sensitivity of cells to insulin.

Mushrooms. A study by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have shown that to normalize the glucose level by using mushrooms. They act as prebiotics influencing the activity of the gastrointestinal bacteria. Intestinal microflora plays a huge role in metabolism and the metabolism of glucose.