Named a new deadly danger of sleep deprivation

Названа новая смертельная опасность недосыпа

Chronic lack of sleep triggers the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Due to regular lack of sleep in humans in old age, developing dementia and exhaustion, which can cause premature death.

This is the conclusion reached by scientists at Washington University in St. Louis based on extensive research, reports ONLINE.UA with reference to MedicalXpress.

Experts explained that when people lack of sleep in the Central nervous system and increases the number of the Tau protein, which are detrimental to neurons in the brain. The fact that these Tau-proteins are produced only during wakefulness, but sleep allows you to get rid of excessive amounts of the pathogenic connection.

Scientists conducted the relevant tests and found that when lack of sleep the content of Tau protein in the body increases. They analyzed the analyses of dozens of people after a normal sleep and a sleepless night, which showed that indeed the contents of the Tau protein in the latter case was increased by 50%.

Thus the experts came to the conclusion that a healthy and prolonged sleep, the level of the Tau protein is drastically reduced, which helps to prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease, which causes senile dementia and all irreversible processes associated with this disease.