Named a TOP-5 products, the most expensive in Ukraine

Назван ТОП-5 продуктов, которые больше всего подорожали в Украине

In January 2019, 88% of social product in Ukraine has risen compared to the previous month. This was announced by the CEO of the Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko, citing data from the State statistics service, the website “Today”.

“Nine out of ten products in January became more expensive… there was an increase in the value of all types of bread and milk, borsch, sunflower oil, eggs, pasta, flour, barley grits, millet, all kinds of meat and fat, sausages and fish. Cheaper steel rice and sugar. Not changed the price of buckwheat and semolina”, – he wrote on his page on Facebook today, February 13.

He called the TOP 5 foods that have risen the most:

  • cabbage – 29% (the average is 11,5 UAH per kg);
  • potatoes by 16% (to 9.3 UAH per kg);
  • beets – 15% (12,5 UAH per kg);
  • bow – 10% (18,5 UAH per kg);
  • millet – 5% (25,1 UAH per kg).

However, according to alternative research the price of products, which was held by the Ukrainian Association of suppliers of retail chains in January compared to the previous month cabbage has risen by 29%, potatoes – by 27% onion – 25%, beet – by 12%, carrots 5%, apples – 2%, flour – by 1.5%, lard, rice, pasta, pork and fish – by 1%.

“Less than a percent increase in the price of all kinds of bread, wheat, beef, boiled sausages, sour cream, milk and sugar. At the same time is 1% cheaper chicken eggs, and less than a percentage – chicken, cottage cheese and sunflower oil,” – said Doroshenko.

Earlier, the state statistics service reported that by the end of 2018, the production of buckwheat rose by 16.3%. In General, the year it was produced 63,398 thousand tons of buckwheat – unground and cleavers (crushed buckwheat, which has lost the integrity of the cores).