Named as the main culprit of male failures in bed

Назван главный виновник мужских неудач в постели

Air pollution can have a negative impact on the sexual abilities of men in the bedroom.

New research Medical University Guangzhou have shown that regular exposure to toxic car fumes linked to higher rates of erectile dysfunction.

Scientists believe that inhaling toxic particles can cause inflammation of the blood vessels, and therefore, oxygen starvation, which will adversely affect the ability of men to sexual arousal.

Their findings, researchers supported by the experiments conducted on animals.

In the study, a team of scientists exposed rats the effects of regular gasoline and diesel exhaust and controlled the level of their sexual arousal.

The results showed that the longer they were exposed to, the less the likelihood that they will respond to sexual stimuli.

“The findings raise concerns about the potential role of long-term effects of gas emissions on the development of erectile dysfunction,” the scientists warn.

Some studies show that more than a third of the population suffer from this disease.

Although drugs such as Viagra have revolutionized the treatment. However, about 35 % of men who take them see no improvement.

In severe cases, the illness can destroy relationships and cause anxiety and depression.