Named best defender and sniper of the championship of Ukraine on basketball

Назван лучший защитник и снайпер чемпионата Украины по баскетболу

After the last match of the super League play-offs, in which “Zaporozhye” won the bronze award at “Dnepr”, was awarded best defenders and snipers of the championship of Ukraine.

The best defender of the championship of Ukraine was recognized as the leader of the “Dnepr” Alexander Mishula. 27-year-old basketball player this season has scored 15.8 points, did 4.3 assists and 2.3 rebounds (RE 12.9).

His reward was a defender of Zaporizhia Malik Trent, which became the most productive player of the season. In sum, the American in 40 games scored 689 points, which is the best super League Betting-Match. Trent scored 17.2 points, did 4.8 rebounds and 4.1 of the transfer (D 19.2).