Named cars that are more likely to get into accidents

Названы автомобили, которые чаще других попадают в аварии

Buying a used car it is very important to check its technical condition and history. According to statistics, a third of all cars up to 10 years at least once had been in an accident. Will tell you about the most unlucky marks.

Experts looking at sale ads of used cars for the last 4 months. It turned out that a third of cars aged up to 10 years have been in was an accident. The most dangerous can be considered a Jaguar. 40% of ads appear in the records about damage in road accidents. Second and third place is shared by “related” Acura and Honda brands, in 38% of cases the car was in an accident. In fourth place – Audi (37%), followed by four brands: BMW, Infiniti, Mazda and Mercedes-Benz (36%). Slightly better things from Lexus or Opel (35%).

More likely to find unmarked car those who set their sights on Bentley (13% of the cars that were in accidents), UAZ (17%) and Great Wall (18%). Recall to obtain information about the history of each car now knowing its VIN number.

If to speak about concrete models, most frequently in accidents were Opel Astra OPC – 63%, is for sale for the last 4 months. Moreover, most of them three times. In second place is Korean sedan Hyundai Equus (53%), the third – Acura MDX (49%). Completing the top five, Cadillac CTS and Peugeot 4008, each with 48% of emergency instances. The most cautious drivers sit behind the wheel of a Mercedes G-Class AMG, Jeep Wrangler and Porsche 911: less than 13% of them got into an accident.