Named five drinks that are useful to drink before bed for weight loss

Названы пять напитков, которые полезно пить перед сном для похудения

To the delight of those who are trying to lose weight, there are drinks that help build muscle, stabilize blood sugar levels and thus become slimmer. With regular consumption, you can lose several pounds.

In particular, before bedtime is useful to drink a glass of milk, warm or at room temperature. This drink contains tryptophan and calcium, promotes sound sleep, which is important because its deficiency has a serious impact on the growth of adipose tissue. In addition, milk provides protein, which builds muscle mass.

Can also help to lose weight the use of grape juice (small glass). According to the study 2015, published in the International Journal of Obesity contained in grapes resveratrol converts the caloric content of white fat to brown fat calories, which is more actively consumed by the body for energy.

Another drink that helps to lose weight is yogurt. It probiotics affect the intestinal microbiome, increasing in this population of healthy bacteria. As a result of the activities of these microorganisms, improves digestion, but also effectively absorb vitamins and minerals. British Journal of Sports Medicine published evidence that kefir improves sleep and enhances workout performance.

Allocate experts and chamomile tea. His drink increases the body’s level of the neurotransmitter glycine, making faster the sleep. In addition, the drink has the property to stabilize the sugar that helps in weight loss. Experts advise to drink chamomile tea nice hot.

Water, in turn, is a universal beverage. It was found that if you drink a little water before bedtime, it enhances the regenerative effect during sleep. The main thing – not to drink too much water.