Named five foods that ruin the immune system

Названы пять продуктов, которые гробят иммунитет

We all know that the older a person is, the weaker his body and correspondingly higher health risks.

Therefore, experts identified a number of foods which definitely should be avoided, especially if you are over 50 years old.

The first product is sugar. Sugar is very caloric product, as well as with age, the human metabolism slows down, it becomes easier to gain extra fat. As excess weight leads to cardiovascular disease.

The second product is a white flour. White flour, like sugar, is refined carbohydrates. Pastries and baked goods threatens not only overweight, but also the fact that products made with white flour are not fully digested in the stomach, and “freeze” in the form of lumps, which provokes the appearance of gastritis and ulcers. Reasonable to replace wheat flour is more natural. For example, corn, rice, oats, Flaxseed, buckwheat, rye, wheat whole grain.

Third product – pasta. Eating spaghetti, the blood is ejected a large amount of sugar, and sugar, as we have written above leads to a number of diseases. Not all of course pasta should be deleted – pasta whole grain is completely harmless.

The fourth product is defatted milk. They are harmful by the fact that in the manufacture to enhance the taste they add sugar and various additives.

The fifth product is processed meat. This applies to all of frankfurters, sausages, bacon, Packed with saturated fats, which can increase the level of so-called “bad” cholesterol.