Named five major women’s mistakes in bed

Названы пять основных женских ошибок в постели

Sex is not an exam in which the main thing – to get a good grade. Yielding to the instincts, we rarely think about the fact that during intercourse you can do something wrong. Everyone makes mistakes, there is nothing to worry. But repeating them from time to time, we not only eliminate them and fastened, thereby systematically destroying any intimacy. What mistakes should be afraid of?

1. Often say “no”

It is quite natural that you don’t want sex 24 hours 7 days a week. You may be tired or not feel sexy, you may just not want to, but it should not be on a permanent basis. First, any lack of sexual desire can be a serious warning to health problems, the second with your every failure, your partner loses confidence in yourself and in your feelings to him. Of course, love and sex are not one and the same, but the two are inseparable.

2. Do not take the initiative

No, it’s not his job to initiate sex and to flirt with you for as long as you don’t descend. Be at least sometimes activity and interest. In this event, some pros: you will have intimacy when you want it, and since the initiative is in your hands, everything will happen on your terms.

3. Too picky

Even if you are by nature a grumbler, try to restrain that habit during sex. Nobody wants to hear that he is doing something wrong. Regular accusations did not increase your sexual attractiveness and sexual desire. Man during sex are particularly vulnerable and susceptible, and if you so eager to talk, to say something nice. You do not lose anything and the partner is sure to bloom like a may rose.

4. I hope that he will do for you the whole “work”

Of course, a man likes to be the chief everywhere: in the house, and sex. But even they sometimes get tired of the indifference of the partner. Yes, he knows what to do, but little encouragement or initiative on your part will only enhance your intimacy to new, vivid sensations. Everyone knows the jokes about the girl log, all of them giggling and I think that it’s not about them. If you lie like a starfish and bored studying the ceiling while your partner don’t finish, then we have some bad news.

5. Emotional disrespect

Men for some reason are often denied opportunities to Express their feelings anywhere else. Perhaps for many it will be a surprise, but the stronger sex is also feeling emotional intimacy during sex and feels the need in her expression. He moans? Great! Says a gentle word? Wonderful! He wants to talk and cuddle during sex? Just a dream! Show your partner the emotional disrespect. If you neglect his feelings, how can you expect that your will be heard and taken into account?