Named foods that can’t eat during the “female” days

Названы продукты, которые нельзя есть во время «женских» дней

Diet women seriously affects her health, so proper nutrition is the basis of good mood and discomfort in “these” days. Nutritionists have compiled a list of the products of which during menstruation should be abandoned, writes about this Сlutch.

Refined food products. A lot of semi-finished products and refined food products contain hidden sugar, which exacerbates the problem of lack of energy and mood swings during menses. Plus, they contain salt, chemicals, and artificial flavoring substances to improve the appearance and taste of food.

Alcohol. Alcohol consumption can cause longer menstrual pain, a condition known as dysmenorrhea.

Drinks with caffeine. Studies have shown that caffeine blocks the part of the brain called the “lower” of the neurotransmitter and this leads to increased anxiety and increased heart rate. In addition, caffeinated products can cause breast sensitivity.

Salty food. An excessive amount of salt in the body can displace the water balance, causing swelling, increased blood pressure, and it is terrible bloating.

Sodas. During menstruation women lose a lot of blood and therefore require no further hardware, but most carbonated drinks contain phosphates, which impede the absorption of iron.

By the way, when menstruation is usually greatly decreases the level of calcium, so there is an increased irritability and cramps in the legs. To avoid such problems, nutritionists recommend to pay attention to dairy products and drink at least a glass of milk a day, and to include in the diet of low-fat cheese and cottage cheese.

But to make up the loss in hemoglobin due to bleeding is possible and necessary iron-containing products. On the table must be present seafood, pork and beef liver, and buckwheat.