Named habits that cause hormonal imbalance

Названы привычки, которые провоцируют гормональный сбой

For someone a hormonal imbalance causes problems with sleep and frequent mood swings. Someone notices it in the background of rapid weight gain. To get rid of this problem, be sure to warn her development. And provoke her the following habits.

Much to ship physical exertion

Sport is good, but only if in moderation. Excessive exercise (more than 4 times a week) for a long period of time lead to exhaustion. As a consequence, undermined by hormones, and losing their job.

A diet with no fat

Fats – necessary for the body source of omega-3 and omega-6. They are responsible not only for the skin and hair growth. Fats also support the work of the hormonal system. Therefore don’t forget to eat the fish, add oil to the salad and take vitamins.

The use of cosmetics with parabens

Carefully study the composition. Otherwise, your gels, lotions and shampoos can become your worst enemies. The fact that the shampoos containing parabens can affect hormonal balance. More than that – to provoke the development of cancer.

Forget about vitamins

Unfortunately, to complete the work the body needs extra help. This is usually the vitamin D and vitamin C. Also you can consume together with products. The main thing – do it regularly.