Named means, powerfully increase the potency

Названо средство, мощно повышающее потенцию

Men who have erectile dysfunction, it will be possible to prepare a means to increase potency.

Also it will be useful to those who have discovered hemorrhoids.

Once the spring sun is actively shining, the increase will different grass, one of which is an excellent remedy against male problems. This grass is called purslane.

So, to get rid of hemorrhoids can be due to the following recipe. Take two double handfuls of purslane herb and squeeze the juice from them. Add boiled water to each other and tincture is ready. Twice a day, prepare the enema with the resulting solution for 15 days.

If necessary, after a five day course can be repeated.

To recover erectile dysfunction need a handful of dry purslane. To prepare the medication, it is necessary to fill in 0,5 l of boiling water and boil for 20 minutes on low heat. After a time, remove from heat and wrap in a towel. In the morning strain and drink every day for 1/4 Cup 15 minutes before eating. You can drink an unlimited number of days.

However, it is necessary to listen to doctors and understand that even the medicine in large doses can hurt, so don’t get carried away with a long treatment – give your body a break, because the grass in the composition of tincture may provoke allergies.