Named products that increase the risk of heart attack and stroke

Названы продукты, повышающие риск инфаркта и инсульта

From heart attacks and strokes in the world die each year 17 million people. One of the main reasons of these diseases is improper diet. If to eliminate from your diet certain types of products, then you can minimize the risk of disease. Experts at the American heart Foundation examined the influence of power on the propensity to heart attack, and called popular products, from which should be abandoned today.

We are talking about those products, which contains a lot of saturated fats, TRANS fats and sodium. They contribute to the development of processes that increase the risk of heart attack. It’s butter, chicken skin, fatty meats, fasfud, coconut and palm oils, chocolate and confectionery. TRANS fats are contained in cakes, popcorn, mayonnaise, refined vegetable oil.

TRANS fats are produced from oils which are treated by the method of partial hydrogenation. The results of the U.S. studies have shown that they raise LDL “bad” cholesterol in the blood, as it maximizes the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The amount of sodium in the diet also need to be controlled. The less salt consumed in the diet, the healthier is the heart.

Excessive sugar intake also affects an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In the industrial processed foods as a sweetener used is corn syrup with a high content of fructose, the use of which is extremely unprofitable for our health. Give preference to fructose from natural sources (berries and fruits) and you will get all the required amount of energy without harm to the heart.