Named products, the most Deplete pancreas

Названы продукты, сильнее всего разрушающие поджелудочную железу

Pancreas – one of the digestive system. Normal work of intestines, stomach, liver affects the whole human activity, but what is the role of the pancreas?

Function of the pancreas

She is responsible for producing digestive enzymes, hormones, absorption of fats, proteins, carbohydrates and metabolism. Due to diseases of the pancreas develop diabetes (the inability of insulin production), pancreatitis (inflammation of the tissues of the gland).

In most cases it is because of dysfunction of pancreas donations. In order for the authority properly fulfilled its function and is not destroyed, not necessarily to completely abandon your favorite foods. Enough to reduce the use of multiple products and components that are forced to suffer the pancreas. What is all this stuff?


If the liver has enzymes that neutralize the alcohol components, the pancreas such enzymes do not exist. The toxic effects of alcohol leads to the inflammation of the tissues of the pancreas. Therefore, every time a person can be a little destructive components of pancreatic tissue almost permanently lose their function.

Sweet drinks

High sugar content (especially “artificial” complicated for the splitting process) negatively affects the work of the pancreas. In a liter of regular soda contains more than 100 grams of sugar! Release of glucose need to neutralize. The intensity of this process wears out the pancreas. Its cells become less receptive to glucose, leading to insulin deficiency. Hence high blood sugar and prediabetes condition.

Carbon dioxide (bubbles in soda) irritates the digestive system, causing flatulence and indigestion.


Eating TRANS fats and animal fats leads to the fact that the pancreas is forced to produce many times more pancreatic juice for the digestion of fats. Cholesterol, margarine, cream, cakes, fast food contribute to the wear and tear of the pancreas. Therefore experts urge to consume fats in moderation, but when problems with the gastrointestinal tract to minimize.

Acute and spices

Infrequent use of hot sauces, spices and products (in the absence of diseases of the pancreas!) even useful. It stimulates adequate production of juice. But the existing violations or malnutrition exacerbates acute inflammation, so should be banned.

Food chemistry

All that artificially added to food to enhance the taste, flavor and extend shelf life. Preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, “E”-shki and stabilizers. In stores there exists almost no products without additives (sausage bright pink, and the milk did not taste bad also due to the additives). The difference in their number. The pancreas has no protective barrier from these substances and more other organs suffer from food chemistry.