Named products, which can spoil the mood

Названы продукты, которые способны испортить настроение

Daily foods, which lack vital nutrients, minerals and healthy fats directly related to depression.

Today we will tell you about the foods that make us depressed, and depression.

Salted peanuts

Often take it as a snack with beer or a separate meal for watching movies? A very good reason. It turns out that peanuts with salt is high in sodium and questionable food additives, including MSG, artificial flavoring associated with migraines, weakness, burning sensation. It is better to give preference to inshell peanuts along with walnuts.


No longer a secret: in the chips factory production there is nothing useful. Moreover, during frying produces acrylamide, a toxic carcinogenic compound. That is why you are feeling and heaviness in the stomach, and depressed mood, and the desire to eat another bag of chips. Better go to bread. Fortunately, their range every day is expanding.


About the dangers of carbonated beverages has been said is not enough. These drinks turn to fat inside our body. As well as cause bloating, belching and a strong influence on our overall health. Including psychological. Instead of sweet water, take mineral water and add a little freshly squeezed juice.