Named six dangerous mistakes that drivers

Названы шесть опасных ошибок, которые совершают водители

The expert called the six threat “stupid” drivers that can lead to disastrous consequences.

The first mistake is that some drivers may not fully close the hood. At the same time during movement of the hood can be opened, to break the windshield, but most importantly, he closes the driver’s view.

The second “stupid”, the expert called the situation when drivers open doors, not looking at the stream of cars. In the end, at least in this situation, the car just tear off the door. Also the door of the car on the move can open independently, so it is better to block the Central lock before the trip.

The third mistake of drivers the expert said, is that many motorists do not include a passing light in a dark time of the day or forget to turn off the far light in front of oncoming vehicles.

Another “stupid” car owners is a wrong tightening of wheel bolts and nuts, which can lead to lost wheels on the road. Expert advice for self-replacement wheels use a torque wrench, and after 100 miles recheck the bolts.

In fifth place is the situation when the drivers forget to monitor the tire pressure. Ideally this should be done before each trip. Also, the expert advice in time to change tires. And the sixth mistake many motorists is the wrong location for the car.

The expert reminded that the correct location while driving increases the chance of survival during a crash.