Named the best amulets from energy vampires

Названы лучшие обереги от энергетических вампиров

Energy vampires are people who feed other people’s emotions and moral forces. Sooner or later, everyone’s entitled to engage in a dialogue with such a person. Better to properly maintain a conversation with him, because to ignore the energy vampire completely is quite difficult. You will help the correct equipment communication with negative people, as well as amulets and talismans.


It is known that Pets like cats or dogs perfectly block a negative impact. Moreover, if you talked to the vampire on the street or at work, what feeling of emptiness and fatigue, a pet will cure you.

To you it became easier to not just touch your four-legged friend. Pet him, take his hands and play. Animals are perfectly neutralize negative energy.

Stones-talismans and jewelry

The most powerful natural guardian of such people – silver jewelry. Silver repels negative flows and protect the human aura from invasion. Silver jewelry is best worn in form of rings, though in another form they will also be very useful. Remember that they cannot be combined with gold.

Of rocks most powerful protector against energy vampires is diamond. This stone strengthens the protective properties of the aura, protects against evil eye and energy depletion. Copes well with the function of protection, agate, and opal and moonstone. The site I advise you to only wear one of these stones. They help in real time – they can be worn in public places, take with you to the interview, important meeting, date.

Mascots Feng-Shui

The red thread of natural material will be a good source of protection against invasion of your personal space. Energy vampires wasting power next to the red color. Eastern sages advised against foes to wear more red clothes, hang red ribbons house and doing the hallway predominantly red.

Useful charms are a clover, horseshoe, dragon. Better a horseshoe hung ends up in front of the entrance door or on the side of her. The dragon is the symbol of the element of Fire. Its image can be placed on the wall, and you can purchase a figurine of a dragon for your desktop. He creates around itself a special impenetrable aura.


Useful plants in the office and at home are cacti. Home cacti are typically found on the Windows to protect the home from negative flows from the outside. Some Eastern schools of Feng Shui admit the existence of cactus near the front door. If energy vampire is someone in your environment who sometimes comes to your home, at the threshold of this man will subconsciously feel that its impact will be powerless against you.

Great plants for protection of the home – curly. Ivy and begonia are the most effective defenders for your home. But they also should be located as close as possible to the front door, as, for example, in the bedroom they are not always useful. These plants act as energy filters.