Named the best cars for novice drivers

Названы лучшие машины для начинающих водителей

What should be the first car? Everyone answers this question differently. Some believe that it is necessary to take a used car which is not a pity to break it. Others prefer to buy new cheap car is not promising issues technique. In both cases, the importance played by the price, safety and ease of maintenance.

The journalists talked with representatives of dealerships and service stations and chose five cars suitable for young drivers. First place was given to the Volkswagen Polo sedan. It differs from its competitors a decent level of comfort, good handling and a moderate consumption 6 – 7 liters per 100 km. Simple and reliable design will not cause problems with the new car. Spare parts are always available and are inexpensive.

Another interesting option is the “Korean” Kia Rio with an interesting design, comfortable interior and proven motors. An additional advantage will be the low cost of maintenance compared to other cars. At a price, both new and used Rio will cost a bit more expensive than the Polo.

Time-tested and taxi drivers Renault Logan is another great contender for the role of the first car. The sedan is perfectly adapted to Russian roads, has a strong suspension, big engine, high ground clearance, large trunk and low maintenance cost.

Closes our rating compact representative of the Japanese automobile industry. Toyota Yaris despite its diminutive size has a comfort level there is a spacious sedan. Among its advantages of low fuel consumption, good handling and safety. A resource of this car reaches 500 thousand