Named the best sports for weight loss

Названы лучшие виды спорта для похудения

Experts have called the best sports for weight loss. The list of the best sports for weight loss includes four kinds of activity.

These physical activities help to lose weight quickly and significantly, according to “the Chronicle. info”.


This game actively engages the core muscles (the whole complex of muscles responsible for the stabilization and normal functioning of the spine, pelvis and hips) and stomach. Regular volleyball eliminates excess fat under the skin, and strengthens muscles.


Swimming, without causing powerful and sudden contractions of the muscles, has a progressive load on the abdominal muscles, helping to burn extra calories.


Also considered one of the most effective methods of formation of strong abdominal muscles and bark.


The game requires a fair amount of speed and strong muscles (especially the legs). Regular the game of football also helps to remove excess fat from the abdomen.

Photo: pixabay.