Named the car with the most problematic motors

Названы автомобили с самыми проблемными моторами

Authoritative consumer magazine Consumer Reports analyzed a number of cases from the burnt-out gaskets of cylinder heads on the cars and built the list of models that have such a costly failure is the most common.

The list includes just four models of Subaru: Impreza 2006-2008 model year cars truck Baja, and Outback and Forester 2001-2009 model year. Problems usually happen on the runs 90-163 thousands of miles (145-262 thousands of kilometers). All these models are equipped with boxer engines that have two cylinder heads, respectively, two gaskets. Replacement costs 2-4 thousand dollars and sometimes comparable to the price of the car.

At risk also is the BMW 3 series 2006-2007 model year. The fault usually occurs when you run 145-222 thousands of kilometers. In the case of crossover BMW X5 punched the head gasket, the cylinder block may manifest itself even earlier – when 95-108 thousands of miles away.

The problem with the gasket also seen on the Chevrolet Cruze, Mazda MX-5, Mini Cooper/Clubman 2008-2010 model years and Infiniti M.

Burnout head gasket the cylinder block is a condition requiring urgent and serious repair of the engine. The most common reason for its calling, it becomes the overheating of the motor. Burnout also happens because of detonation, incorrect tuning and torque the bolts to the cylinder head, not the relevant regulations.