Named the cause of the most dangerous type of cancer

Названа причина появления самого опасного вида рака

Purged food, household substances, food additives, and drugs contaminated with nanoparticles, which can cause the most dangerous form of cancer. That is the conclusion reached scientists from the National University of Singapore, said passes

Scientists are convinced that the above nanoparticles, developed as a means to fight tumors, in fact, on the contrary, significantly accelerate their growth and contribute to metastasis formation. These nanoparticles are made of gold, silver, titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide. They contribute to easier penetration of cancer cells into the blood vessels of the body. It is a real phenomenon, which is even called NanoEL. It greatly accelerates the process of dissemination of malignant cells to other organs and tissues, which might be unavailable to them if the body did not contain nanoparticles.

According to scientists, patients exposed to nanoparticles that are contained in food, which greatly complicates the fight against tumors. However, scientists were able to find the positive aspect of this phenomenon. The fact that it facilitates easier distribution of medicines in the affected tissue.