Named the country, where Ukrainian workers: “the highest wages”

Названы страны, где ждут украинских заробитчан: «самые высокие зарплаты»

According to various expert estimates, over the border in search of a better life and good earnings are up to nine million Ukrainian workers

Our country has become very visible such a large outflow of personnel, Finance writes. sa.

Employers referred to the lack of qualified personnel a significant problem because specialists in Ukraine is almost in the afternoon with fire will not find. Where do Ukrainians go, and in which countries it is most advantageous to work for our countrymen.

The experts noted that workers from the Ukraine available in seventy countries of the world. Last year provided nearly 47 thousand jobs.

Most expect to work of Ukrainians in Poland – 60% of the jobs, much less in the Czech Republic – 12% of jobs and even fewer in Germany – 5%.

Curiously, foreign vacancies of work are much more than those looking for work. We can assume that the man who decided to start his career abroad and published your CV without work will not stay.

However, everything depends, of course, and wages. Experts note that Ukrainians are paid in the same popular Poland, Bulgaria and Hungary, but the highest salaries are offered in Germany, Sweden and Israel.

It is also noted seasonal fluctuations in vacancies. In the spring and summer of job offers is much greater than in the cold season.

As previously reported, Poland has exposed a group of swindlers who are cashing in on Ukrainian workers.

Criminal group in 2015-2018 organized the illegal migration of about 300 people and has received for it more than 130 thousand euros. The fraud was in registration for Ukrainian citizens for money invitations to Poland (which is the basis for obtaining a visa) dummies.

According to the investigation, the foreigners directly after obtaining Polish visas on the basis of the acquired in Poland, the invitations went to other European Union countries – the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and France.

Three Polish citizens and one citizen of Ukraine arrested for three months. Among the detainees are people who worked in the Department of citizens and foreigners in Zamosc in the Lublin region.

All charges in the case have been put forward 13 people. The suspects – poles, Ukrainians and Germans.

Названы страны, где ждут украинских заробитчан: «самые высокие зарплаты»

Названы страны, где ждут украинских заробитчан: «самые высокие зарплаты»