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Названо ідеальний час для сну - 24 Канал

Sleep is one of the most important parts of our lives. If you didn’t sleep well – the day will feel weakness, lethargy and decreased performance.

And if the person slept well, you will feel the vigor, vitality, strength, and positive, reports Ukrhealth.

To night out the most comprehensive and useful for the organism, experts have called the ideal time for sleep.

If you want to put your body into a natural rhythm, try to sleep between 10 PM to 6 am. And most important – listen to your internal clock, and follow a natural cycle. Stick to sleep, trying to fall asleep at the same time and sleep 7-8 hours.


Why is it important to lie in the interval from 20:00? When you go to sleep from 20:00 to 00:00 – the body gets proper rest, which includes the REM sleep and the deeper stages of restorative sleep.

Adult dose of sleep is 7-9 hours for high school students is 8-10 hours, for children aged 6-13 years – 9-11 hours for preschoolers – 14 hours. Therefore, the adult, though to get up at 06:00, you need to go to bed, on average, 8 hours before that is at 22:00.


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