Named the main danger of social networks

Названа главная опасность соцсетей

The main danger of social networks lies not in the development of dependence on them, and the ability to deprive users of the critical thinking and the ability to weed out false information.

This was stated by the Director of the research center of metapsychology in California Dr. Pamela Rutledge.

This allows you to spread misinformation and propaganda, and lack of social skills to prevent aggressive behavior and psychological pressure and abuse on the network, – quotes the psychologist media.

According to experts, after the extinction of technophobia will become clear that the percentage of Internet users who suffer from dependence, small. She stressed that not all “dependent” on social networks, really dependent.

Rutledge I am sure that most just need to learn to allocate their time, manage behavior and to use modern technology to achieve goals.