Named the main dangers of air conditioning and health risks

Названы главные опасности кондиционеров и риски для здоровья

The growth temperature must not forget about proper maintenance.

Intoxicating cool – something to aspire to every person from the beginning of the summer and with active temperature rise on the street. People hide from the sun wherever there is air conditioning. Whether it be a car, shopping center, office or home, in the end. Trying to cool down in any way and in any room. However, in those moments, few people think about the dangers posed by air conditioning.

Because the account does not cease to recall the main risks and dangers:

  1. Harmful bacteria and strains of viruses. Unfortunately, air conditioning systems rarely cleaned and washed with an antibacterial agent. Oblivious to the fact that many microorganisms harmful to health.
  2. Fungus. He gets in those cars or spaces where air conditioning is not handled by special means. You need to use it regularly. Or install a self-cleaning system.
  3. Huge stress to the body with a sharp change of temperature, especially when a large difference of degree: when a person with 30 degrees on the street jumps in the car with 16 degrees. He may be dizziness (especially in people with vascular disease). As well as colds. Therefore I advise not to lower the temperature.

Most importantly, what should be reserved for people in hot days is exposure. Don’t throw out heat to cold, and to drink plain water.