Named the main symptoms of gout development

Названы основные симптомы развития подагры

American researchers from the Mayo clinic called the main symptoms of gout development. It is reported by Mayo Clinic.

They found that the probability of occurrence of gout in most cases genetically determined, but hormonal imbalance, inflammation, sedentary lifestyle and poor diet can contribute to its appearance.

According to researchers, gout often occurs at night.

The first symptom is severe pain in the joints, which can last more than four hours. The pain occur most often near the joint of the big toe but also the knees, wrists and fingers.

The second symptom of the disease is expressed lingering discomfort: mild pain in the joints can last for weeks, said scientists.

American researchers advised to eat less heavy protein foods, drink more fluids and to prevent the emergence of excess weight.

Earlier it was reported that the singer Yulia Nachalova died from complications of gout.