Named the most comfortable cars

Названы самые комфортные автомобили

The British online edition Carbuyer published the rating of the cars, characterized by the maximum comfort for passengers. The evaluation takes into account the views of motorists on how the car is cozy, comfortable and nice to drive, and suited for travel with young children.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

German passenger car business class got the first place in the ranking for its smooth ride, stylish, presentable interior with a high technological level and the optimal capacity and costs of diesel engines.

Citroen C3

Compact hatchback of the French brand was voted the second most comfortable car, ideal for everyday use. From competitors it is distinguished by a more smooth ride, roomy trunk, and high-performance engines.

Jaguar XF

British sedan has an attractive interior than the models who occupied the top ranks. Thus, according to experts, boasts more elastic and ergonomic suspension, perfect handling at any speed and a wide choice of engines both petrol and diesel fuel.

Skoda Superb

Czech liftback suitable for both everyday trips and long-distance travel, the authors of the rating. Owners of this model say the spacious interior, roomy trunk, superior control and a smooth ride, typical of the Deluxe category.

Volvo S90

The top five leaders of the Swedish business sedan with spacious interiors in a minimalist style, an adaptive suspension, a proprietary security system and state of the art multimedia complex Sensus Connect with intuitive controls.

The remaining places in the top 10, the publication has awarded the following models: German flagship of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, another “German” BMW 5-Series, the British SUV Range Rover, the German-Japanese hatchback Infiniti Q30 and the British Executive car Rolls-Royce Ghost.