Named the most frequent injuries after a night of passionate love

Названы самые частые травмы после ночи страстной любви

It turned out that sex can shorten and break the penis, and vagina – never let you go “source of pleasure”.

As scientists have learned that sex is traumatic? It’s simple: they watched as a pair of Guinea pig lovers making love in an MRI machine. In their eyes, the volunteers copulated in the most popular poses, and scientists at that time were scanning the joint partners. They noticed that more likely to suffer hip joints.

1. Penile fracture

The myth that the penis can not be broken, yet remains a myth. And although it has no bones, and his “resistance” is large, the sexual organ is still very fragile. Brazilian scientists have conducted research in which course it turned out that this injury often can be obtained by Masturbation and sex when a girl in a pose rider. Fracture of a member happens in 28% of cases when the partner “rules” of the situation. This position is recognized as the most dangerous even in the international community.

The safest way to have sex in the missionary position – man can control the situation and knows that his penis accidentally crushed.

What to do?

To get to the hospital, what else? To be more precise – to the urologist, but even better if you apply ice to the affected area. The surgeon will have to perform surgery to stitch the damaged tissue. A patient will have to abstain from sexual relations and to have a bandage. If you do not go to the doctor in time, the penis may be deformed or shortened.

2. Torn frenulum

Normal is no problem with the frenulum when having sex should not be, but in some men it is by nature shorter than necessary. In the second case, during sex or Masturbation can injure the body will start bleeding and terrible pain.

What to do?

To go to the doctor. The operation in this case takes very little time and is performed under local anesthesia.

3. Muscle spasm of the vagina

The woman may be a spasm of the pelvic floor muscles, which occurs when experiencing vaginismus. In such cases, the man will not be able to “go out”, the muscles grasping the member with such force that move not only impossible, but also unbearable pain. And what’s worse – try to escape, “jam” even more.

What to do?

This time to run to the doctor will not work. It would be better to reach the phone and call an ambulance. They will not carry you across the yard naked to the coach, but a shot a woman can make. So after a couple of minutes “grip” weakens.