Named the most harmful sweets

Названы самые вредные сладости

Nutritionists all over the world not the first year suggests that contain large amounts of sugar products are not the most useful for people. This time the doctor Elena Solomatina have called the most harmful sweets.

Specialist recommends that you do not eat foods that combine both sugar and TRANS fats. The latter is used in the confectionery industry under the name “pastry fat” or “margarine”.

Of particular danger are the donuts. Usually they are fried in boiling oil, often we are talking about transire. To the stuffing add chemicals that mimic the taste and also inorganic dyes. The dietician advised to withdraw from the purchase of donuts and other sweets with bright color and smell.

According Solomatina, such confections are usually inexpensive, since the use of TRANS fats and chemical flavorings not enters the penny producers.

“But like cake – just a “bomb” for stomach,” added the nutritionist.

Little use is also in the marmalade, especially of foreign origin. It has a bright color and resembles a rubber band. True marmalade is made from agar-agar, and a product made from chemical thickeners.

Also a lot of harm to the body carries a sweet soda. So, it contains a huge amount of sugar and phosphoric acid. The latter actively leaches calcium from the body, reports RIA Novosti.