Named the most popular films of the 1990-ies

Названы самые популярные фильмы 1990-х годов

The most popular film of 1990-ies was “Forrest Gump” Director Robert Zemeckis. This follows from the study of the American telecommunications company, Frontier Communications, reported “Kommersant”.

This film is often interested in 22 States, including Turkey, Armenia, Lithuania, Israel and Thailand.

In second place was the Comedy “home Alone”, which often ask for 20 countries, among them Latvia, Netherlands, Serbia and Georgia.

“Jurassic Park” like most including USA, Australia, Mexico and Argentina, this picture is in third place.

Romance “Ghost” popular in 12 countries, in 11 most likely to be watching “Titanic” in eight States prefer the movie “Men in black”.

Animated film”the lion King” is popular in the seven countries as Bolivia, Bangladesh and the UAE gave their voices for “Aladdin” (1992). Japan supported the film “Terminator 2: judgment day” (1991), and New Zealand – “Armageddon” (1998).