Named the most stolen car in the UK

Назван самый угоняемый автомобиль в Великобритании

Ford Focus was the most stolen car in the UK in 2018.

In total, the last year in the UK was recorded 1952 case of theft of vehicles Ford. 530 stolen cars of this brand are models Focus. British thieves stole 508 of cars model Fiesta. It can be assumed that such a high level of popularity of cars of this manufacturer among criminals is the result of strong consumer demand for vehicles of this brand in the UK. If you follow the logic of attackers, to steal need those machines, which are the most popular because they more and for that reason they are less visible. In addition, the most common vehicle is much easier to resell. In most cases, the thieves sell the stolen car as you drive it is dangerous for them and they steal it for this.

According to statistics provided by British police, the second highest frequency of thefts among the brands is the car brand Vauxhall. Over the past year in the UK was recorded 909 cases of thefts of vehicles of this brand. The third place in frequency of hijackings is Volkswagen. Last year in the UK was stolen 466 vehicles specified manufacturer. Machine mentioned brands also currently enjoy a fairly high level of popularity among British motorists.

The most number of car thefts in the past year was was on the main street of Stafford. Here in the last year were 55 stolen vehicles.

It is worth noting that last year in the UK has increased the level of so-called car crime.