Named the most useful tea: helps to lose weight and prolongs life

Назван самый полезный чай: помогает похудеть и продлевает жизнь

Scientists named the most useful tea for weight loss and preserve youth. Just a few cups of green tea can help reduce weight, improve skin condition and protect against many diseases. What are the benefits of green tea – see below.

Not news that in China and many other cultures of Asia, the tea has a special place. Tea drinking is connected not only with tradition but also with the biological properties of the beverages. Scientists have figured out what popular tea is most useful. The researchers compared the properties of black, green, white tea, Oolong, Puer and many others. As it turned out, green tea is the champion of the content of useful chemicals – in the drink has more than 500 connections.

The most famous property of green tea – antioxidant. Due to this it affects the entire body. Regular use improves the skin condition and health.

For colds and General malaise green tea helps eliminate toxins and improves metabolism. Also tea has anti-inflammatory properties and facilitates the course of the disease. Green tea gives energy, fights fatigue and depression, reduces drowsiness. Therefore, it is useful to drink it in the morning. The fluorine and iodine content of tea helps remove salts of heavy metals.

Diuretic effect of the drink helps to relieve swelling and to withdraw excessive water from the body, making it easier for diseases of the genitourinary system.

Green tea is useful for the heart and blood vessels. A small amount of it lowers blood pressure in patients with hypertension, and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, improving the elasticity of blood vessels.

The benefits of green tea has long been officially recognized in medicine. For example, in the study of radiation therapy found that the addition of polifenoles of green tea half an hour before the procedure greatly reduces its effectiveness. This implies that green tea increases the body’s resistance to various radiation and binds free radicals, which are one of the causes of aging. Proven complex effects of substances of green tea on cancer cells. He slows their growth and contributes to the destruction of malignant cells.