Named the official cause of the crash, which killed former Minister Kutovoy

Названа официальная причина авиакатастрофы, в которой погиб экс-министр Кутовой

The cause of the crash of Robinson R44 II UR-KTB have Tarasenkove village in the Poltava region, which occurred on 21 October 2019, was the human factor. This is stated in the final report of the National Bureau on investigation of aviation incidents and incidents with civil aircraft of Ukraine, which is published 2 March.

Helicopter operated by 43-year-old Taras Kutovoy, former Minister of agrarian policy and food of Ukraine.

The Bureau concluded that “the pilot is not carefully analyzed the zonal forecasts for flying at low levels”, in particular, did not consider the factor of weather.

“The most probable cause of the accident was the loss of pilot control over the helicopter during the maneuver after entering the fog,” the report says Bureau.

The dispatcher told the pilot that in Lubny Poltava region a few hours earlier there was a strong fog, visibility up to 100 meters. The pilot confirmed receipt of information (“took, according to Lubny visibility one hundred metres”). In the future, the pilot on the radio went out, and the next Manager prompt is not answered.

Experts came to the conclusion that Kutovoy began a rapid vertical descent to see landmarks, hit the ski chassis upper branches of the tree at a height of 20 m, then the airspeed Robinson dropped sharply.

“Further, the pilot probably moved the collective pitch lever upward to align the helicopter and stop the rapid decline. The helicopter leveled off in a private jet rotor, demanding to significantly increase the engine power and the required collective pitch of the rotor blades. The helicopter began to enter a vortex ring (uncontrollable decline with the engine running). To exit this mode of flight is possible only by increasing the airspeed by lowering the helicopter. Probably the pilot was to attempt to increase airspeed, but due to low height (less than 20 meters) the helicopter suffered a collision with the ground, the destruction and, as a result, the fire”, – concluded the experts.

The cause of death of the pilot, according to the report, became incompatible with the life of the damage – the destruction of the anatomical integrity of the body with multiple fractures of bones and ruptures of internal organs.

Kutovoy held the post of Minister of agrarian policy and food in 2016-2018. The certificate of private pilot received 21 June 2019, the RAID before the death was 131 hours and 48 minutes.